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how to be a freelance graphic designer in six steps

Do you want to become a freelance graphic designer? Here is how to jump start a successful freelance career.

how to be a freelance graphic designer in six stepsBy Kennedy Randall 


Becoming your own boss in the graphic design game can be nerve racking. Yet, freelancing gives you the freedom to attract the kinds of jobs or projects you care about on your own schedule. All your hard work is devoted to yourself and your own business, which makes freelancing a very fulfilling career path. If you are wondering how you can be a freelance graphic designer, here are six tips that will lead you to success.

1. Focus On Self-Branding As A Freelance Graphic Designer

Branding yourself and your business is one of the most important aspects of freelancing because an appealing brand will attract potential clients. Creating and growing a strong website will lead you to the jobs you want.

As a graphic designer, you have a leg up on the competition. Use your skills to create a website that showcases your beautiful design work while being user friendly. Showcase a few diverse examples of your best work, your contact information, and some information about yourself. This way, your customers can get to know you and your artistry.

Adding some touches like personal logos or icons is also a good idea. Try to make your site look as professional and eye-catching as possible.

How To Be A Successful Freelance Graphic Designer

2. Smooth Transactions

As a freelancer, you will have to work with a wide range of clients, some good and some bad. It is important to ensure that you are getting paid on time, receiving a fair price, and delivering what the client is looking for.

Draw up a couple contracts to have on hand. You can outline payment terms, payment stages, deadlines, and a plan of the work you will be creating for them. Having clear payment stages allows you to receive payment at a fair and consistent time. As well, a rough plan for designs will ensure that the client is happy with the final product. Asking specific questions and showing potential ideas up-front will be a lot quicker in the long run. The last thing you want is polishing a product that the client is going to ask you to redo.

When working with clients remotely and lines of communication may not be readily available, a cohesive contract with deadlines for both you and the clients is essential.

How to be a successful graphic designer

3. Have Multiple Income Streams 

Having multiple income streams as a freelance graphic designer is a wise idea, as freelance work is more unpredictable than your typical 9-5. A freelance graphic designer might be slammed for several months and then struggle to find gigs. 

A good way to insure steady income is creating templates for purchase. As a graphic designer, you know what works, and you can create quick and easy templates that other designers or clients can utilize. Templates could be anything from infographics, brochures, business cards, and so on. 

Creating logos for businesses is also a great revenue stream to tap into. It can be fun and engaging, check out our article on how to design the perfect logo.

4. Create Strong Connections With Your First Clients

The outcome of your design and your client’s response is the most important aspect of the exchange. When you are first starting out as a freelance graphic designer, devote extra time and attention to your first clients. Creating a strong connection and delivering a good result will lead to repeat design work. The goal is to have them come back to you for the next time they need a graphic designer. 

As well, if a client is impressed with your work and business skills, they may refer you to their friends or other companies. If your first client has a good experience, not only only would they most likely come back to you, but they may bring five more gigs with them. Word of mouth, especially early on in your career, is extremely valuable. 

5. Spread The Word

Now that you’ve got a website, contracts, multiple income streams, and connections, it is time to find more clients. Bringing traffic to your site through SEO (search engine optimization) is a good place to start. SEO will make your website garner higher standings in the search engine results. You can add keywords for graphic design on the “about” page of your website to improve your SEO.

As well, with social media rapidly growing in popularity, sharing your business and work on Instagram, TikTok, and Pinterest is a great way for people to discover you. You can create a captivating Instagram account, make TikTok videos about your work, and share your designs on Pinterest. Many successful freelance graphic designers spread their work across various platforms to increase the likelihood of somebody discovering your page.

Networking is also a good way to reach clients. You can reach out to other designers, clients, or people on social media. Getting to know people in the industry is always advantageous. 

6. Work Hard And Never Give Up!

Freelancing can be tiring and frustrating, but if you are a passionate, hard-working graphic designer, there’s no reason you can’t do it. If becoming a graphic designer is your dream, make sure you are constantly improving and innovating your work. By always keeping your work fresh and exciting, you will continually attract more clients and jobs.

Your personal success is not far away. Work hard everyday, nurture your creativity, and grow your business to find success. It won’t happen overnight, but by following some of these tips will help you become a successful freelance graphic designer. 


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Five graphic design projects

Five graphic design projects

Curating the perfect graphic design portfolio is critical for designers everywhere. Regardless of whether you work freelance or full-time, a sleek graphic design portfolio is important! It’s important to show off your skills and objectives as a designer in your portfolio. You may have many designs to share with potential clients, so it’s key you carefully select which ones to include in your portfolio. You want to showcase the cream of the crop and display diversity in your work. The necessary contents in them have remained a popular subject of discourse in the graphic design community. Remember to understand your specialties in order to convey your shining strengths through your portfolio! Above all, it’s vital your portfolio showcases your ability and evolution as a designer.  To ignite your creative spark and jumpstart your career as a graphic designer we’ve compiled a list of 5 key graphic design projects for your portfolio (with examples!). 


InFocus Film School Graphic and Digital Design Program | Learn MoreClick here to learn more about InFocus Film School’s Graphic Design Program



If you’re interested in working in the business brand design industry, showcasing your ultimate branding designs are primitive! They’re an important marketing tool for the vast majority of businesses that shouldn’t be overlooked. Therefore, ensure your concepts use quality images and designs that have an impact on the target audience. Remember that the concepts you choose can range anywhere from brochures and business cards to stationary and stickers. Keep in mind these essentials play a pivotal role in increasing a brand’s visibility – therefore all your designs should hold a high degree of professionalism and relevancy. 


Project by InFocus Film School Student Angie Nunez

Design Rationale 

MUSA is unique museum located in Cancun, Mexico. Its objective is clear: to reduce the number of tourists who regularly visit the coral reefs, thus protecting the marine fauna of the area.

The challenge was to use a branding process to redesign its logo, keeping the essence of the entity and all that it means. The solution was a logo with few elements which represent the concept of art combined with the sea.




Website making consists of two extremely important factors – coding and design. Graphic design serves as a supplemental aid into improving user experience through the use of fonts, imagery, colours, and more. Moreover, your concept should incorporate all of these features into a functional and visually-appealing mix. Always make sure your design fits with the brand’s identity! This means diligently selecting appropriate colour schemes, font selections, images, graphics, and more. Web design is an excellent asset to your portfolio – especially if you’re interested in showcasing your technical and artistic side!


web design

Web Design by InFocus Film School Student Angie Nunez




Have a book you adore whose cover you’ve always wanted to redesign? Or a movie poster you wanted to refurbish? Perhaps you’ve thought of some new DVD covers for your favourite show? If so, this project is most definitely a must-have for you! Brownie points if your cover is even better than the original. Most importantly, showcasing your innovative skills as a graphic designer is pertinent here. You’ll be asking important questions – such as the director’s objectives for the content, it’s genre, where it’ll be sold, it’s target audience, and more. Lastly, this project is perfect for bookworm and movie and TV fanatic graphic designers who aim to highlight their innovative work!


book cover

Project by InFocus Film School Student Bruno Cunha

Design Rationale

The book’s title refers to the piles of bodies left behind for the crows to feast on after a battle, but it also hints at the big forces behind those conflicts, who, from the safety of their castles, can now reap the benefits from the aftermath of the bloodshed, unaffected by its cruelties.




Product packaging goes far beyond just designing the exterior of a product. Great product packaging goes a long way! You’ll be telling a story, incorporating the brand’s narrative, and implementing your own aesthetics. Moreover, this project is great for a chance to truly showcase your unique side. Try redesigning a pre-existing brand with an innovative twist, or even creating your own from scratch! Your designs are entirely up to you. Pick your favourite brand and give them a makeover, or bring your imaginary brand to life! Last but not least, ensure your design is both practical and sleek.


product packaging

Project by InFocus Film School Student Jill Chao-Sheng Li

Design Rationale 

This is a series of herbal teas inspired by three most well-known ancient Egyptian gods: Anubis, Ra and Sekhmet. The herbal selection includes cinnamon, licorice and hibiscus roots, which are commonly used ingredients in Egyptian drinks and food.

The tagline of each flavour is inspired by the special powers and characteristics of the specific god. The Art Deco style of brand artwork is inspired by the Egyptian pyramids. The starry sky symbolizes the considerable role of astronomy with ancient Egyptians.




This project is most definitely a fun one! You’ll be implementing the principles of design – establishing purpose, balance, hierarchy, and readability all in one. Additionally, you’ll be exploring ways to make prints stand out in the crowd. Typography here is an asset – it plays a crucial role in editorial design. Lastly, the best part about print design is its versatile nature – make sure to have some fun with different layout templates, designs, and more! You can design magazine covers, brochures, newsletters, the list is endless.  

print design

Project by InFocus Film School Student Abigail Winkler

Design Rationale 

Pipeline is a modern take of surf magazine design with a palette inspired by the waves.

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The importance of on-screen diversity has been long emphasized across the globe. While on-screen diversity is becoming increasingly paramount, it is important to ensure underrepresented groups have more equitable opportunities behind the camera. When members of the BIPOC and/or LGBTQ+ community take the seats of writers, directors, cinematographers, editors,  and producers – an empowered, diverse filmmaking community is cultivated. These historic changes call for some exceptional works, as evidenced by blockbuster hits like Black Panther, Coco, and Crazy Rich Asians, to name a few. To contribute to the prosperity of this community, it is essential for marginalized communities to gain increased accessibility to equitable fiscal supports.

In a bold move, InFocus Film School, located in Vancouver, has decided to provide a few lucky students with up to $100,000 dollars worth of bursaries for their diversity in film initiative.

These scholarships are aimed at amplifying the voices of underrepresented groups – a focus on supporting students that belong to marginalized groups worldwide. This list includes any students who feel they belong to diverse heritage, members of historically marginalized communities, or those who have faced adversity due to disability or systemic biases. This move serves to solidify InFocus’ commitment to supporting inclusion and diversity at their school. 

Application for these bursaries can be submitted online here. All applicants must apply for one of InFocus Film School’s programs, submit a written or video essay detailing their story, and maintain an acceptable attendance and academic record while enrolled in the program.

All students who meet these criteria are highly recommended to apply! It’s time for the voices of underrepresented people to be heard and their stories told.

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No matter which specialty you choose to explore, a flexible professional schedule overflowing with creativity is nearly always guaranteed. While the list of creative endeavours in graphic design are endless, you can be rest assured knowing a career in this field is immensely rewarding. If you’re seeking a career opportunity to put your art and technical skills to good use on a daily basis, this blog is for you! Read more to learn about some high paying graphic design jobs. 


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Your pitch is the key to success. Whether you have a golden movie idea in your head or a fully written script, presenting a pitch package to the people who can make that dream a reality is a must for aspiring filmmakers.


It’s arguably the hardest step, but there are smart ways to go about it.


InFocus Film School Film Program

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