InFocus Film School

Best Film School in Vancouver

InFocus Film School provides a superior film education through accelerated, hands-on learning. InFocus Film School’s industry-professional instructors mentor students through interactive classes with a focus on building a strong portfolio. We encourage students to grow as visual storytellers, to realize their personal artistic visions, and to maintain creative autonomy as they enter Vancouver’s multi-billion dollar film industry.

Our film production courses offer students training in all aspects of film and video production including camera and cinematography, editing, directing, screenwriting, and more. Or, study 3D animation and become a 3D modeler or animator. Other courses include Writing for Film And Television, Documentary Film, and Visual Effects Compositing, meaning you can take courses for nearly any field in Canada’s entertainment industry. Attending a Vancouver film school puts you on the path to a great career in the film industry, and of the film schools in Vancouver, InFocus offers the most hands-on training at the lowest tuition.

Whatever your goal in the entertainment industry, launch your future at InFocus Film School and get the career training you need to succeed in the film industry, or as an animator or VFX artist in Hollywood North.

InFocus Film School is the top film school in Vancouver!