Liam Neeson at InFocus Film School

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a superior film education through accelerated, hands-on learning. InFocus instructors mentor students through multiple assignments that culminate in a polished student portfolio. We encourage students to grow as visual storytellers; to realize their personal artistic visions, and to maintain creative autonomy.

Why InFocus?

Our Teaching Philosophy

The age of two-hour powerpoint presentations is over. Our classes provide an interactive experience that includes theory, instructor-led demos, and follow-up assignments. Weekly labs solidify knowledge in a real life setting.

Because no two students have the same aptitude, smaller class sizes allow us to provide more individualized training. In addition, a tutorial assistant is on hand every day to help students apply what they have learned in class.

In storytelling, we push our students to take risks. Film isn’t supposed to be safe or easily defined. It’s about developing a unique voice that avoids mainstream formulas. It’s also about taking artistic risks and seeing what unfolds.

Seizing the Digital Age

Films inspire, provoke, entertain and inform. With the rapid growth of digital storytelling, creative professionals with artistic and technical know-how are in high demand. Visual literacy is as important as textual literacy in the 21st century. As images and videos are increasingly becoming our primary form of communication, it is essential for filmmakers to remain on the cutting edge.Our programs incorporate new media streams including web series and crowdfunding.

Alumni Opportunities

InFocus is committed to helping grads with their future goals, whether that is making their own feature film or getting their foot in the industry door. We hire alumni to collaborate on films with partner organizations and provide ongoing mentorship from InFocus Film School’s instructors.

Our History

Founded as Pull Focus Film School in 2009, InFocus Film School is an independent film school built on the premise of providing an affordable, accelerated education in film arts. InFocus now offers intensive programs in dramatic and documentary film.

InFocus is one of Vancouver’s premier centres for excellence in film. Our mix of international and domestic students creates a diverse and exciting atmosphere that is reflected in the quality and breadth of films produced.