InFocus Film School launches new $100,000 Diversity in Film Initiative


The importance of on-screen diversity has been long emphasized across the globe. While on-screen diversity is becoming increasingly paramount, it is important to ensure underrepresented groups have more equitable opportunities behind the camera. When members of the BIPOC and/or LGBTQ+ community take the seats of writers, directors, cinematographers, editors,  and producers – an empowered, diverse filmmaking community is cultivated. These historic changes call for some exceptional works, as evidenced by blockbuster hits like Black Panther, Coco, and Crazy Rich Asians, to name a few. To contribute to the prosperity of this community, it is essential for marginalized communities to gain increased accessibility to equitable fiscal supports.

In a bold move, InFocus Film School, located in Vancouver, has decided to provide a few lucky students with up to $100,000 dollars worth of bursaries for their diversity in film initiative.

These scholarships are aimed at amplifying the voices of underrepresented groups – a focus on supporting students that belong to marginalized groups worldwide. This list includes any students who feel they belong to diverse heritage, members of historically marginalized communities, or those who have faced adversity due to disability or systemic biases. This move serves to solidify InFocus’ commitment to supporting inclusion and diversity at their school. 

Application for these bursaries can be submitted online here. All applicants must apply for one of InFocus Film School’s programs, submit a written or video essay detailing their story, and maintain an acceptable attendance and academic record while enrolled in the program.

All students who meet these criteria are highly recommended to apply! It’s time for the voices of underrepresented people to be heard and their stories told.