Seven types of high paying graphic design jobs


By Tajmee Ali

Contrary to what most may think, graphic design is a vast field with innumerable job opportunities for you to choose from. Neither are jobs in graphic design difficult to come by. This feat is a spectacular combination of art, technology, and communication – enabling you to specialize in different industries around the globe. These opportunities include publishing, marketing and advertising, packaging, healthcare, video game design, and more!

No matter which specialty you choose to explore, a flexible professional schedule overflowing with creativity is nearly always guaranteed. While the list of creative endeavours in graphic design are endless, you can be rest assured knowing a career in this field is immensely rewarding. If you’re seeking a career opportunity to put your art and technical skills to good use on a daily basis, this blog is for you! Read more to learn about some high paying graphic design jobs. 


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apparel designer


This career is perfect for graphic designers who wish to combine their passions for art and fashion in one! You’ll be given the opportunity to work closely with companies whilst often maintaining a ton of career autonomy – you will be in charge of designing original images, given they appeal to the firm’s brand image and consumer base. Alternately, you’ll be given the opportunity to use a firm’s designs and customize them in a way that ensures designs are cohesive and appeal to their target audience! You’ll be working primarily with CAD programs in order to develop graphics and work on scaling. This field is focusing on honing your epic illustration skills and transferring them onto attire. High paying graphic design jobs truly makes sense when you ponder how much apparel designers make for large companies!


Average Salary: $63,000 Experienced: $83,000




Illustrating a book cover may seem like an easy feat upon first glance, right? The truth is it takes a ton of careful craftsmanship to create enticing covers for avid readers everywhere. As a book cover designer, you’ll be overseeing every element of the cover design process. This means extensive market research, a run by of different design processes, and choosing a well-thought out design direction. You’ll also have to ponder different questions for each project. For instance, will you release different covers of a critically-acclaimed novel that appeals to diverse international markets around the globe? Does your cover properly encompass the book’s storyline?

The best part of being a book cover designer is that each project will be entirely new. Different genres of books pave the way for exploring new artistic styles. This means you’ll never grow bored and hone your skills with each and every single project you decide to take on. Sounds like a dream career in graphic design if you ask us. 


Average Salary: $50,000 Experienced: $90,000



Jobs in graphic design can involve a ton of technical skills too! It’s no surprise this role is so respectable amongst the list of high paying graphic design jobs. The UX/UI Industry is perfect for those seeking to work on the visual elements of digital design while adopting a more backend, or “behind the scenes” approach. This area is more technical based and requires a more specific skill set than others, but a fantastic graphic design education will definitely give you more leverage in this field. You’ll be working in the early stages of projects and help improve users’ interactions with a product using your designer abilities. This means your work will primarily revolve around developing and enhancing user experience. You’ll be exploring deeply into consumer psychology, and designing products in the most perfect way to fit your client’s objective.

All of these factors mean you’ll be working further up the pipeline and help craft an early vision for your client’s product. So if you’re passionate about designing and improving user interface, this may be the perfect career for you!


Average Salary: $80,000 Experienced: $113,000



Interested in improving user interactions through a more design-based approach? Working as a successful packaging artist can score you the most points in this list of high paying graphic design jobs. Packaging artists specialize in producing intriguing artwork for product wrapping. You’ll be working closely with your clientele to brainstorm some compelling packaging that fits right into their brand images. The best part is your clientele will likely be some of the most diverse yet – so every project will be a brand new endeavour to embark on. Ensuring your creative design direction will meet the desires of your client’s target audience is imperative for this role. Similar to other roles, this also means a ton of market research and consultations are also required.

The biggest silver lining of this career means every day will be different for you – some days you’ll be working on mock-ups and digitally designing, others will consist of packaging photoshoots and meetings. We see now why jobs in graphic design are never described as boring, dead-beat career choices. 


Average Salary: $71,000 Experienced $101,000



If you’re a graphic designer that leans more towards the technical side of the field, you may want to consider working as a web designer! High paying graphic design jobs aren’t limited to aesthetics only. You’ll get to design web pages, design page layouts, and more as you carefully cater towards your client’s tastes and vision for the website. Or better yet, your clientele may depend on you to choose the website’s aesthetics and overall framework. Coding and programming skills are not always needed, but can serve as a major plus and boost your portfolio tremendously. Another major pro for this job is its high level of flexibility – you can work contractually, full or part-time, and even freelance. 


Average Salary: $49,000 Experienced: $107,000



Have a keen passion for art and marketing? On the look out for some high paying graphic design jobs? Logo designing may be the specialty for you! This field goes beyond creating drafts of logos for companies – you’ll be working on cultivating a brand’s entire identity. You’ll be in charge of designing a visual image that encompasses a firm’s image while fostering recognition and continuity. This means numerous consultations with your clientele to ensure a proper comprehension of project objectives and target markets. You’ll also get to play with different tools, using distinct colours, shapes, and styles to construct the perfect logo for your client. Overall, you’re guaranteed to always administer your creative skills to good use on a daily basis.


Average Salary: $60,0000 Experienced: $101,000



photo editing

Almost every single company out there will seek a competent photo editing and/or Photoshop Artist to tweak their photos for marketing purposes. This career will always be in demand, and through Photoshop software you’ll be able to alter, enhance, and customize images with ease. You’ll also be handling layer compositions, pixel level colouring, design graphics, and more! Moreover, working in this specialty can be incredibly rewarding. Several photoshop courses will teach you how to recompose and/or restore old, damaged photographs. Learning how to do this means you’ll be contributing to preserving a snippet of history, and more often than not, you’ll be helping people safeguard an antique close to them. 


Average Salary: $56,000 Experienced: $82,000


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