Graphis New Talent Annual 2022 Awards Five InFocus Graphic Design Alumni

Five of our talent students have been featured in the Graphis New Talent Annual 2022! Check out their imaginative and creative designs below. 


For new graduates or people new to the graphic design industry can attest it is daunting getting your start. Five of our alumni from our Graphic and Digital Design program, however, have proved that hard work pays off. These five talented graphic designers have been honoured in this year’s Graphis New Talent Annual.

Graphis Gold Award new talent annual

Graphis New Talent Annual awards students who, with help from their esteemed professors, produced polished works during their Graphic Design program. After selection, it is compiled in a book which is available for purchase digitally or in hard copy. The competition is steep – over 1000 submissions from international esteemed art schools. 

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InFocus is proud of Adrienne Noble, who’s work was awarded gold in the annual. “Finding out that I won GOLD in Graphis Annual’s 2022 New Talent Division was like a huge warm hug from the multiverse!” she said. Her stunning logo will appear in both the hardcover print copies and the digital copy of the annual. 


Her logo, shown below, was made in our Adobe Illustrator class with professor Lelia Singleton. “Lelia trusted me and helped to squash my new designer insecurities and imposter syndrome! The InFocus instructors are passionate and caring. They provide a real working knowledge of the tools that are required to succeed as a graphic designer” she said. 

graphis new talent annual

After InFocus, Adrienne settled into her own freelance graphic design business called Honey Wolf Creative. “The accelerated program provides students with all the skills they need to leave feeling confident and prepared to start working in the industry upon graduation.”


Four of our other talented alumni received honourable mentions for their work done at InFocus. Renée Bouche created beverage labels called “Respectfull Pints” that call attention to women’s safety and sexual assault. Her “better-believe-her bitter” and “contest-is-sexy stout” boasts 100% of your daily nutritional value of respect! It is no surprise this imaginative and advocative design received an honourable mention. 

graphis new talent annual

“This program is designed for the determined and has likely tested you, challenged you and pushed you to your limits. While, you may want to put down the mouse, trackpad, or stylus, have no fear! It won’t be long until your hard work is recognized outside of the classroom.” Renee added. Indeed, her hard work has paid off being recongized this year in the Graphis New Talent Annual!

graphis new talent annual

Another honourable mention came in for Jill Chao-sheng Li who designed a logo for the Van Gogh Museum in Lelia Singleton’s Adobe Illustrator class. “I love how all the instructors just want the best out of us. They are committed and want to teach us everything they know just to see us succeed,” Jill added.


Like many of our other graduates, she has already made a splash in the graphic design industry. She landed a full-time graphic design job 3 months after graduating from the program.


“The class schedule was intense and took real effort to put everything we learned into practice. However, this was an investment I made for myself. It led me to being part of the new talent annual, winning the Indigo Design award, and landing my first full-time graphic design job. I want to attribute it all to InFocus, the instructors and my wonderful classmates. None of this would happen if I didn’t join this program” she said. 

graphis new talent annual


Bruno Cunha made a fantastic poster designed in Lelia’s Adobe Illustrator class that would warm any pet lover’s heart! Seeing the creativity intertwine between image, text, and meaning in all the designs that have been chosen is astounding. Calling for more pet-friendly housing in British Columbia, Bruno makes a stance through his design. 

graphis new talent annual

Finally, Ángela Núñez Cadenas’s stunning poster and whimsical stationary system designed in Lelia’s Adobe Illustrator class was selected by Graphis. Her poster brings to the forefront sustainability in fashion. As well, her stationary system for the underwater museum make nature and animals come alive on the page.

graphis new talent annual

“Firstly, I learned so much while studying at InFocus film school. I also want to say thank you to Leila because she helped us a lot and pushed us to take part in this competition. The things she taught us and the way she supported us is the reason why we got these awards” Angela said.

graphis new talent annual

Not only does eco-friendly fashion endure, but our students do too! The hard work that our 6 month program expects has paid off with their awards at Graphis New Talent Annual. “It’s encouraging to see this young group entering the real world with the professional skills needed to be successful,” said co-founder and creative director Travis Tatum, of Tatum Designs. After six months, are students are set up for success in the industry.

If you want to learn more about our graphic design program, click here for more information. 


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