What’s Playing At VIFF 2022

Vancouver International Film Festival 2022 will be taking place from September 29th to October 9th. Check out some of these great films and events at VIFF 2022!

vancouver international film festival 2022

By: Kennedy Randall

One of the most recognized film festivals in British Columbia is back again. Vancouver International Film Festival continues to bring the best films and engaging public programs to the city. This year VIFF 2022 will be presenting over 130 feature films and 100 short films. With this in mind, there will be no shortage of viewing material and something for everyone. 

Vancouver International Film Festival’s public programming is fully stacked this year with an exciting lineup of VIFF Talks. From directors to costume designers, the many panels VIFF will be presenting will paint a full picture of the film industry. These great panels help to inspire fellow creators, filmmakers, and industry professionals.


Listen in on Clement Virgo, one of Canada’s leading film directors, working on Empire, The Wire, The L Word and The Book of Negroes. Learn about his new film and insights on his experiences being a director and writer. Those keen on costume design can also peek into an exciting conversation with Deborah L. Scott. Deborah is best known for her work in Avatar and James Cameron’s blockbuster Titanic. She was also awarded the Academy Award for Best Costume Design for her work in these films. Hear about her process designing costumes for action movies verses period pieces as well. Attendees will also learn about the creative teamwork needed to pull off the director’s vision. Check out all the VIFF Talks here.

viff 2022

Costume designer Deborah L. Scott

VIFF will also be partnering with the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra for a special musical performance. From this partnership, attendees can enjoy a performance of two-time Emmy-nominated composer Michael Abel’s music at the Vancouver Playhouse. Abel is known for the unique scores that have filled the cinematic worlds of Jordan Peele’s films Get Out, Nope, and Us. 


After two years of the pandemic, Vancouver cinemas have returned to full capacity. Every one of the official selections for VIFF 2022 will be screened in person as a result. The festival will open with a screening of Bones of Crows by Métis filmmaker Marie Clements which follows an epic account of Cree matriarch Aline Spears life. 

viff 2022

“Bones of Crows” by Marie Clements

Other anticipated films include director Kore-eda’s Broker, an entertaining crime story set in South Korea following Song Kang-ho (Parasite; The Host) who heads a half-baked baby adoption scam. Kang-Ho also took home Best Actor this year at Cannes Film Festival.

viff 2022

“Broker” by Kore-eda

For local Vancouver sports fans, The Grizzlie Truth will peak their attention. In this film, director Kathleen S. Jayme sets out to solve a true crime of a different nature: who robbed Vancouver of the Grizzlies? Jayme recounts the short-lived history of the Vancouver Grizzlies and also reconnects the audience with the Grizzlies heroes and villains.

viff 2022

“The Grizzlie Truth” by Kathleen S. Jayme

This year’s VIFF will also include Soviet Bus Stops, directed by Kristoffer Hegnsvad. Soviet Bus Stops follows Canadian photographer Christopher Herwig who sets out to document a piece of urban architecture in former Soviet Republics that may be considered ordinary and benign – bus stops.

With dozens more films on their program, head over to the VIFF 2022 film program to find your niche or to learn something new at this year’s Vancouver International Film Festival.


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