Boyhood is a film like no other in the history of cinema. Filmed over
a twelve year period, director Richard Linklater has created one of
the finest family dramas in recent memory. Although it is called
Boyhood, it’s actually a lengthy divorce story that engulfs four
marriages, while two siblings manage to stay normal during ongoing
family upheaval.Film Review Boyhood

Ethan Hawke shines as the loveable not-so-deadbeat-dad as does Patricia Arquette, as the imperfect family matriarch who has a penchant for alcoholic husbands. Bad parental choices often destroy kids, but not in this thought provoking film.

The dialogue is clever, devoid of melodrama, yet the message is profound
in it’s simplicity. “Sometimes we don’t seize the moment, the moment
seizes us.” The line arrives at the end of a film stated by a secondary
character and the film concludes without the obligatory climax.
Linklater is good at breaking conventional narrative structural
format. And yet, it is a perfect movie from the opening frame until
the credits roll.