Fiona Rayher

Fiona RayherA graduate of our Documentary Film Program, Fiona Rayher recently directed her first feature Fractured Land. The doc premiered at Hot Docs in Toronto to critical and audience acclaim. Among the audience favorites at several international festival, the doc has been reviewed as a “must-see” and “the most vital Canadian film at this year’s festival.”

Fiona is the Artistic Director of Gen Why Media. Gen Why is a production group working to innovate civic engagement using media, events and public art. She has been a speaker at TEDx Vancouver, TEDx MileZero, and was a core organizer for TEDx GeorgiaStrait. Fiona’s other films include Generation Why (2010) and Most Livable City (2010), included in numerous short film festivals.

Trailer for Fiona Rayer’s Fractured Land