Film Production Program

Student Projects

Week 2

Photo Essay

As an exercise in framing and composition, you will be tasked with creating a photo essay, a series of images linked by a common theme or story.

Week 3

Silent Film

As a visual medium, a film must primarily tell its story through imagery. As your first film project, you are asked to create a silent film. A film with no dialogue, but a clear story.

Week 5


Pointing a camera at others requires insight and understanding. That’s why you must learn to point a camera at yourself first. This project provides the opportunity to tell a pivotal moment or story in your life.

Week 8

Scene Study

Working with an existing script from a famous film, you will re-create the scene with an original vision and a focus on drawing a believable performance from the actors.

Week 11

Studio Shoot

This will be your first chance to sit in the director’s chair. You will be assigned an existing script to add your own directorial style to.

Week 16

Web Short

Term 2 kicks off with the production of short 2-4 minute dramatic films, written by the students over the previous weeks. A week of one-day shoots rotates students through multiple roles on set.

Week 21

Documentary Teaser

After pitching your story idea, students will direct and edit a documentary “teaser”. Students can later elect to create the expanded documentary, evolving their Teaser concept as a full Term 4 Grad Film. 

Week 27

One Shot Sequence

Students are challenged to shoot a oner–or one shot sequence–a scene that takes place all in one shot. Lasting 45-60 seconds, this sequence must incorporate movement and several different shot sizes, such as close-up, medium, and wide shots.

Week 28

Painting with Light

Student are assigned a genre and simple scene to light and shoot. You’ll work with your fellow students to create the atmosphere and mood using only lighting and camera techniques.

Weeks 36 to 41

Grad Film

The capstone of the Film Production Program. Every student will write a screenplay for a short, 7-10 minute film and pitch the film to a panel of judges. The top projects will be produced with full crews, utilizing all skills built over the program.

Week 45

Music Video

In the music video you will learn how to work with an artist or band to produce a music video that combines everything taught in cinematography, directing, production design, sound design, and editing.

Week 48

Demo Reel

In the final week, students create a demo reel in preparation for entering the industry.