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Katherine Krampol’s charming mini-doc, made at In Focus Film School, examines modern beauty and old world ideals. “Show Me Your Teeth” looks at her Romanian lineage and some modern-day insecurities through a focus on her “snaggle tooth,” otherwise known as a misaligned bicuspid molar.

Her story delves into contemporary standards of beauty. She films herself obsessing over perfect smiles on the pages of glossy beauty magazines. She’s so inundated with images of perfect teeth that she can’t help but clip out the pearly white smiles of strangers, and hold them over her own mouth. Her honesty about her insecurity makes her easily relatable, but what makes the film even more fascinating is the link between dental beauty and her Romanian homeland.

She traces her tooth obsession back to her father and the poor dental care he received there. The story is not just about beauty, it is about love too. In spite of her father’s dental challenges, her mother’s enduring love for him sets the tone for Katherine’s personal quest.

“Old world teeth don’t have a place in modern smiles,” says Katherine.

In order to gain a deeper understanding of the “old world,” Katherine has recently left for Romania to pursue her story there. Katherine is eager to learn about her cultural legacy. The young filmmaker is hoping to interview her grandmother and create a longer film that connects her modern world with her Romanian ancestry.

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