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7 Indigenous Filmmakers In Canada That You Need to Know

Here are seven Indigenous filmmakers located across Canada that you need to explore! By: Sophia Lin With National Indigenous Peoples Day around the corner, we are spotlighting some of the incredible Canadian Indigenous filmmakers in the business today. Working as directors, producers, screenwriters, and actors, these talented artists have lent their skills and unique voices […]

8 Great LGBTQ+ Filmmakers

Film has been home to queer and LGBTQ+ people, visibly or not, for the entirety of its history. Here are eight LGBTQ+ filmmakers still paving the way today! By: Kennedy Randall From pioneering gay director John Waters, to Canadian LGBTQ+ filmmakers making waves in the film festival scene, trans filmmakers, and queer filmmakers of colour, […]

Networking in the Film Industry – 6 Strategies

Looking to start networking in the film industry? Here are six tips on how to connect with other filmmakers! By: Sophia Lin A career in film can be kickstarted from a multitude of places, in a multitude of ways. However, nearly every one of those possibilities involves one key ingredient: a network. And not simply […]

How to Start Learning Filmmaking for Beginners

Wondering how to start learning filmmaking? Keep reading for our 8 tips on how to get started in filmmaking for beginners. By: Kennedy Randall There is no single place to start learning filmmaking. Learning the craft is a long journey where you will discover what role you want on set and what stories you want […]

How to Become a Professional Screenwriter

Wondering how to become a professional screenwriter? Keep reading for nine tips on how to get your start in the screenwriting industry.  By: Rachel Kim So we hear you dream of becoming a professional screenwriter. You’re vibrating with ideas and you ardently long to see your stories come to moving, breathing, audio-visual life. You want […]


Considering 3D Animation training? Look no further – we have six steps to help you make your way in the 3D animation industry! By: Sophia Lin The 3D animation industry is booming with the rise of visual effects, the popularity of video games, and advancements like interactive and virtual reality 3D. These developments are all […]


Applying or planning to apply to film festivals? Read on to find out 6 key ways to make your film festival submission stand out. By: Sophia Lin Every year, thousands apply to film festivals. From film students to aspiring filmmakers to industry veterans it’s a rapidly growing number. The festival circuit remains the premier way […]