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How to Use Camera Lenses in Film

AN IN-DEPTH ANALYSIS OF THE ARTISTIC APPROACH TO USING CAMERA LENSES AS A FILMMAKER. By Piper Courtenay  https://youtu.be/GWuC_zIpNjoVideo can’t be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: How to Use Lenses in Film (InFocus Film School) (https://youtu.be/GWuC_zIpNjo) If cinematography is the art of storytelling in film, then lenses are the tools. Lenses can affect the way a […]

How to Light Windows: The Indie Filmmaker’s Guide

UNDERSTANDING HOW TO LIGHT WINDOWS IS AN IMPORTANT SKILL FOR EVERY FILMMAKER. READ OUR COMPREHENSIVE INDIE-FILMMAKER’S GUIDE FOR WINDOW-LIGHTING TIPS THAT CAN BRIGHTEN UP YOUR GAME. Written by Devan Scott   It’s the first day of your shoot. You arrive on location; it’s an interior. Daytime. You need to figure out how the heck you’re […]


By Kryshan Randel   2018 was a year of out-of-nowhere surprises. For every film from an established master (Schrader, Lanthimos, Noe), there were films helmed by directors like Bo Burnham, Ari Aster, Ali Abbasi and many others whom I had never heard of before. My usual preference for dark comedies and thrillers are here, but overall […]