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Heavy Hitting HorrorFest Brings Carnage to Whistler’s Festival Circuit

AN EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW WITH HEAVY HITTING HORRORFEST’S FUNNY AND UNPREDICTABLE FESTIVAL DIRECTOR: FEET BANKS Written by Johnny Papan   Whistler’s Heavy Hitting HorrorFest describes itself as a “one night, balls to the wall orgy of horrific, hilarious, and very independent short films.” Their website cautions attendees to “tell your brain to stock up on diapers.” […]

These 3 Tips Will Brighten Up Your Lighting Game

  Lighting is a crucial part of the filmmaking experience. It gives films a special look and style that can be unique to the piece in question. It affects the tone, mood, and can subconsciously control the audience’s emotion as well. Understanding fundamental lighting is extremely important. Whether you are a lighting expert, or stepping […]

Five Tips for Scouting the Perfect Location

  By Ryan Uytdewilligen What’s the motivation for your movie’s location? If you are going make your on-screen dream a reality, you’ll need actors, props, a screenplay, and a crew. But you can’t forget the most important physical aspect… the very bane that plagues all movie shoots; an answer to the pesky question, “where are […]

Film School: Is It Right For Me?

Written by Ryan Uytdewilligen   To film school or not to film school, that is the question! The budding filmmakers of tomorrow are faced with this weighty choice – rush out into the world and make movies on their own or take the time to get a formal education.   It’s a risky business seeing […]

Five Ways to Fund Your Film Project!

Written by Victor van der Merwe   The one thing all filmmakers have in common is the problem of finding money for a project. Steven Spielberg has that problem, David Lynch has that problem and yes, first time filmmakers have that problem. The reason is because, unlike other art forms, this is a very expensive […]

How to Adapt A Short Story Into a Feature Film

Written by Felicity Flesher   Adaptations have become a forefront in cinema. Feature films today are based on all kinds of intellectual property including video games, comic books and literature. Writing an adaptation is a great way to get your foot in the door, and hone your craft. Some of the greatest movies of all […]


By Johnny Papan   The word animation derives from the Latin word aminare which means “to give life to.” This is exactly what animation is about, giving life to something that once did not have life. Animation has been a staple in art and entertainment since the early 1900s, consistently evolving from the complex projections […]

Top 10 Animation & VFX Studios in Vancouver

Vancouver’s animation and visual effects market is a growing industry. Year after year you will see more and more films being produced in Hollywood North, many of which feature VFX or digital animation. There is a lot of career opportunity within the field, and the numbers keep growing. Vancouver is already home to some of […]


by Johnny Papan   The Vancouver International Film Festival has been showing the latest and greatest of homegrown and international cinema since 1982.   This year’s festival runs from September 27 through to October 12, utilizing ten of Vancouver’s finest venues including the Orpheum, Rio, and Vancouver Playhouse to showcase some of the world’s most […]