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The Beginner’s Guide to Working as an Extra

By Julia Courtenay   It’s been a blockbuster year for film in Vancouver, providing a slew of opportunities for Background Performers (a.k.a Extras) to be anything from zombies, to German officers, FBI agents, bikers, baristas or nuns—and get paid!   Want to get in on the action? Read on to find out how to work […]

The Auteur Theory & Why You Should Become An Auteur Filmmaker

by Ryan Uytdewilligen   In the history of cinema, most cinema buffs point to auteur filmmakers as a source of inspiration. Scorsese, Kubrick, Lynch, Burton, Kurosawa, Mallick, the same names pop up over and over again for a reason. They have a cinematic identity that radiates through their work, whether it’s a repetitive setting or a […]

Filming in Vancouver: A Cinematographer’s Guide

Written by Freddie Kim   Shooting in Vancouver has become a haven for film and television. Vancouver is considered a premier location, and was affectionately given the nickname “Hollywood North.” But what artistic edge does it have over other major cities? Here are 5 factors that differentiate shooting in Vancouver. High Latitude Vancouver’s higher latitude […]


Written by Johnny Papan   Horror isn’t a genre often associated with prestige. In fact, only 6 freaky films have ever been nominated for Best Picture at the Oscars, the most recent being Jordan Peele’s directorial debut: Get Out. Despite this, as was the case with Peele, horror films have proven to be a launching […]

InFocus Film Festival Survival Guide

  Getting into a film festival is both the most beautiful and most intimidating experience for a filmmaker. Even the simple act of submitting is enough to strike one with anxiety, wondering if their work will be “accepted” in both a physical and emotional sense. Film festivals are the breaking ground for filmmakers, giving them […]

Heavy Hitting HorrorFest Brings Carnage to Whistler’s Festival Circuit

AN EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW WITH HEAVY HITTING HORRORFEST’S FUNNY AND UNPREDICTABLE FESTIVAL DIRECTOR: FEET BANKS Written by Johnny Papan   Whistler’s Heavy Hitting HorrorFest describes itself as a “one night, balls to the wall orgy of horrific, hilarious, and very independent short films.” Their website cautions attendees to “tell your brain to stock up on diapers.” […]

These 3 Tips Will Brighten Up Your Lighting Game

  Lighting is a crucial part of the filmmaking experience. It gives films a special look and style that can be unique to the piece in question. It affects the tone, mood, and can subconsciously control the audience’s emotion as well. Understanding fundamental lighting is extremely important. Whether you are a lighting expert, or stepping […]

Five Tips for Scouting the Perfect Location

  By Ryan Uytdewilligen What’s the motivation for your movie’s location? If you are going make your on-screen dream a reality, you’ll need actors, props, a screenplay, and a crew. But you can’t forget the most important physical aspect… the very bane that plagues all movie shoots; an answer to the pesky question, “where are […]