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By Johnny Papan https://youtu.be/YLsAP8jMIr0Video can’t be loaded: InFocus Film School: Bring 3D Animation to Life (https://youtu.be/YLsAP8jMIr0)   The word animation derives from the Latin word aminare which means “to give life to.” This is exactly what animation is about, giving life to something that once did not have life. Animation has been a staple in […]

Top 10 Animation & VFX Studios in Vancouver

Vancouver’s animation and visual effects market is a growing industry. Year after year you will see more and more films being produced in Hollywood North, many of which feature VFX or digital animation. There is a lot of career opportunity within the field, and the numbers keep growing. Vancouver is already home to some of […]


by Johnny Papan   The Vancouver International Film Festival has been showing the latest and greatest of homegrown and international cinema since 1982.   This year’s festival runs from September 27 through to October 12, utilizing ten of Vancouver’s finest venues including the Orpheum, Rio, and Vancouver Playhouse to showcase some of the world’s most […]

The Art of Production Design: Who, Why, & How

Written by Johnny Papan   The art department is in charge of the decorative, tangible visual aesthetic of cinema. It’s responsible for how a character dresses, why they dress that way, what their house looks like, what their job-cubicle looks like, etc, etc.   Every choice made by the art department is in service to […]

How to Work with Animals in Film

  Who doesn’t love animals in film? Whether to delight or to scare, animals have played some of the most iconic roles. Where would we be without Lassie or Airbud? Or the nameless horde in Birds?   So let’s say your script includes animals. You can’t expect them to act like your human actors and […]

The Top 5 Must-Know Women Filmmakers

by Petar Petrov   When people think of successful women in the film industry, the first image that comes to mind is probably something along the lines of a talented actress which is like a robust tool in the hands of a master director. And even though that’s a vocation many would kill for, women […]

Write a Successful Romance in 5 Simple Steps

by Johnny Papan   Ahh, Valentine’s Day. A time dedicated to all the lovers out there, making things special for “just us.” Moments are filled with candle-lit dinners, flowers, chocolate gifts, and, for the last few years, watching the newest installment of the Fifty Shades series, leading to a sales boost in adult shops across […]

How To Work With Child Actors On Set

by Julia Courtenay   Child actors deliver some of the most riveting and moving performances on screen, as we’ve seen from Harry Potter to Matilda. Currently, the young cast of Stranger Things has charmed millions of viewers with their performances on the hit show.   But movie sets are difficult, complex work environments even for adults. Because children […]

The Invisible World of the Foley Artist

by Julia Courtenay   Foley—the addition of sound effects in post-production—is probably one of the most under-appreciated arts in film production.   The sound effects designed by Foley Artists are often as mundane as footsteps, keyboards, kettles etc. but they can stretch to the gory sounds of tearing flesh and crunching bones, to the sound […]