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InFocus Film Festival Survival Guide

  Getting into a film festival is both the most beautiful and most intimidating experience for a filmmaker. Even the simple act of submitting is enough to strike one with anxiety, wondering if their work will be “accepted” in both a physical and emotional sense. Film festivals are the breaking ground for filmmakers, giving them […]

How To Film A Sex Scene: The Ins and Outs of Intimacy

Sex, drugs, murder, profanity. You’ll see these elements play a part in films, sometimes all within a few moments. Aside from making points of reference for a drinking game, there are legitimate reasons that filmmakers are attracted to R-rated material. When done correctly, it can demonstrate the competence that comes from successfully navigating a creative […]

Vancouver’s Best Coffee Shops for Writers

  Coffee shops are a hot spot for writers. There is just something about the environment, the atmosphere and the smell that get the creative juices flowing. Ample seating, plentiful outlets, and an exceptional hot brew are all key qualities in choosing the perfect writing cafe. Struggling to resist the constant distractions in your home? […]

How to Make Your Short Film Go Viral

Written by Breanne Pitt There is no way to guarantee a video will go viral. You may spend hours on end editing, filming, and researching every blog or article about creating viral videos to no avail. Even though we can’t break the YouTube algorithm mystery, there are still several ways to groom your short film […]

Why Should Filmmakers Shoot Commercials?

By Christopher McKittrick   Like nearly all film school students, you probably dream of helming a multi-million dollar Hollywood blockbuster… except at the moment you’re finding it difficult to come up with those millions to spend on your vision.   In the film industry (as in any industry), working your way up to the top […]


Written by Mark Shelling Why don’t we ever care much about the characters in disaster movies? By any estimation, they’re dealing with a conflict that has the absolute highest stakes. Because these characters aren’t always well defined, an audience won’t invest in their survival. This can cause a movie’s sense of conflict to be dead […]

How to Make Better Video Content With These 7 Simple Steps

Written by Breanne Pitt   Anyone can make a video. The 21st century smartphone provides nearly everyone with access to high quality video cameras in their pocket. The difference between amateur and artist, however, is the successful use of perspective. Filmmaking is an art. Every shot should be captured with purpose. The real filmmakers are […]

The Beginner’s Guide to Working as an Extra

By Julia Courtenay   It’s been a blockbuster year for film in Vancouver, providing a slew of opportunities for Background Performers (a.k.a Extras) to be anything from zombies, to German officers, FBI agents, bikers, baristas or nuns—and get paid!   Want to get in on the action? Read on to find out how to work […]

What is Auteur Theory in Filmmaking?

What is Auteur Theory in Filmmaking? by Ryan Uytdewilligen   In short, an Auteur is an artist who applies a high amount of stylistic control over their craft. In the case of Auture Filmmaking, this would be the director.   In the history of cinema, most cinema buffs point to auteur filmmakers as a source of […]