Can’t decide if film school is right for you? Here are 8 great filmmakers who went to film school!

eight filmmakers who went to film school

Written by Sophia Lin


For aspiring filmmakers, arguably one of the most hotly debated decisions is whether or not to attend film school. While some directors have made it big without ever stepping into a classroom, film school can afford certain opportunities to develop your style, hone your craft, and break into the film industry. It offers a structured time and a constructive environment for students to practice the art form, doing away with the pressures that come with being a working filmmaker. Along with that, it affords a creative freedom that filmmakers may take years to find out in the industry. The most undisputed benefit of all, though, is the professional network you build by attending film school. It’s how lifetime collaborators first met, how directors met their muses, and how some household names got the big breaks that forever changed their lives. 


Take it from these 8 iconic filmmakers who went to film school — and haven’t looked back ever since.

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