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Getting your movie idea made starts with one thing: a great pitch! Read this article to see how you can write a great pitch in 2021! 

5 tips for getting your movie idea made in 2021

By Ryan Uytdewilligen


You have a great movie idea. Perhaps you’ve even written your first screenplay. Getting your movie idea on screen can be a beastly journey.  Crafting a scripted masterwork is only half the battle. Winning over busy producers is a whole other ball game that requires persistence, focus, and a winning pitch package.


Your pitch is the key to success. Whether you have a golden movie idea in your head or a fully written script, presenting a pitch package to the people who can make that dream a reality is a must for aspiring filmmakers.


It’s arguably the hardest step, but there are smart ways to go about it.


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Working in the VFX industry is a great career path. Read these 6 tips for your success in the industry!


Working in the VFX industry can appear like a daunting adventure. If you’re interested in working in the VFX industry, look no further! Technical skills in this industry are extremely important, but did you know the development of your social skills are just as cardinal? Our VFX industry professionals Gudjon Kristjansson (Lead VFX at Redefine Studios), Werner ten Hoeve (Freelance Compositing Artist), and Miguel Rodriguez (Instructor at InFocus Film School) all offer extremely valuable advice for those interested in working in the VFX industry full-time! Here are 6 essential tips for those interested in working in the VFX industry. 


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