Film Production student Jenny Prats filming her InFocus Film School final project

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8 tips for designing the perfect logo - InFocus Film School, graphic design

Are you working on a new logo? Use these tips to make an impact!

8 tips for designing the perfect logo - infocus film school

Written by Felicity Flesher 


A logo is the first point of contact a business has with the outside world and a good logo can be one quick way to stand out from the crowd and be remembered. However, arriving at the perfect design can be daunting. You are creating a whole new visual identity for your brand and understanding each constituent part will be crucial. Follow these tips and study the examples below by InFocus Graphic Design Instructor Leila Singleton in order to help guide your process!


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Written by Tajmee Ali

Vancouver Short Film Festival (VSFF) is launching online this Friday, Jan 22 – Sunday, Jan 24! VSFF is an annual festival devoted to celebrating talented short filmmakers across the Canadian West Coast. Founded in 2005, VSFF is committed to linking artists and industry professionals, cultivating a community passionately bound through the love of film.

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