A graphic design portfolio is crucial in landing you a job and getting new clients? Check out these tips! 

By Felicity Flesher 


Every aspiring and working graphic designer needs a stellar graphic design portfolio to showcase what he or she can bring to the table. Often, it is the first introduction to a potential client or employer and can reveal the designer’s personality, skillset, and creative eye. No matter how much of a Photoshop pro you may be, you need good pieces and you need to sell them as best you can to stand out against all of the highcalibre talent.  

With his twenty-year career in graphic design, Rod Kovacs, lead instructor at InFocus Film School’s Graphic & Digital Design Program, knows a few things about how to make your graphic design portfolio stand out.   

“The focus is always to put your best foot forward and put forward what you want to do,” Rod says about building the perfect graphic design portfolio. “It is really at the heart of marketing and graphic design: get the message across clearly, effectively, and quickly.”

Recognizing how valuable people’s time is, and how short their attention spans might be, this makes perfect sense. Bearing that in mind, here are a few further tips to help build a great graphic design portfolio: 

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The VFX industry is thriving despite the pandemic. Dive into new opportunities and grow alongside the turning tides of this media revolution. 

 By Rachel Kim 


COVID-19 has massively altered the landscape of society and the VFX industry not only survived, it’s thriving in this brave new world. The animation and gaming sectors are experiencing a massive boom. Reaching for alternative methods of operation and production, different industries are pivoting towards digital avenues and spaces—and right into the VFX industry’s open arms.   

Studios are eager to hire artists to tackle the endless work rolling in. The VFX industry is evolving to meet the shifting needs of the world. There’s no better time than now for a VFX artist to dive into new opportunities and grow alongside the turning tides of this media revolution. 

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