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InFocus Film School’s Visual Effects Diploma Program prepares students for an exciting career in the Visual Effects industry. With a focus on small class sizes and individual attention, InFocus delivers interactive lectures in a creative, project-based learning environment. Students receive mentorship from industry professionals as they complete multiple projects, building a show-reel designed to gain employment in any VFX studio.

InFocus Film School


I was given all the tools and support to build my confidence and change careers… Now I have no excuse but to go out there and chase my dreams!

Jonathan Winberg

I learned more about filmmaking than I thought possible… I highly recommend InFocus to anyone that wants a fun, personalized environment.

Monika Marcovici

The instructors are professional, knowledgable and most of all..they care.

Jaeger Mah
InFocus Film School is PTIB Designated and EQA Certified


Classes start Spring 2018

Apply early for your best chance of acceptance!


  • Get the full VFX experience

    Work with greenscreen and professional camera gear on multiple studio shoots.

  • Master the software

    Master industry-standard software such as The Foundry‘s Nuke, Autodesk’s Maya, and Solid Angle’s Arnold.

  • Gain well-rounded skills

    Master the studio skills needed such as compositing, lighting, and rendering techniques.

  • Create stunning VFX shots

    Learn advanced fluid, cloth, particle, and bullet-hit dynamic effects to make your projects stand out.

  • Enhance your learning

    Small class sizes provide a customized learning experience and maximize each student’s individual attention.

  • Learn from the pros

    Learn the industry’s current practices from experienced VFX industry professionals.

  • Build your reel

    Graduate with a professional demo reel and industry-ready expertise to launch your career.

  • TERM 1

    Term 1 introduces students to Visual Effects and the tools and programs used in the industry. Students focus on the basics of 3D imagery and VFX compositing, working with live environments, greenscreen, and 3D digital elements.

  • TERM 2

    Term 2 builds on the skills already taught, introducing advanced compositing and 3D imagery. Students are also introduced to fluid and particle dynamics. By end of term, students will complete a project that incorporates live greenscreen footage with dynamics, camera movement, and advanced 3D elements.

  • TERM 3

    For the final weeks of the program, students get a taste of real VFX work environments. Under the leadership of experienced instructors, students work on their grad shots using advanced 3D effects with no pre-made elements. Classes in advanced dynamics complement this process and allow students to create professional quality VFX shots.


  • Work with greenscreen on studio shoots

  • Master software such as Nuke, Maya, and Arnold

  • Master lighting and rendering techniques

  • Learn advanced fluid and particle dynamic effects

  • Learn to create custom nodes using Python

  • Get maximized individual attention with small class sizes

  • Learn from experienced VFX industry pros

  • Graduate with a professional demo reel

  • Receive a MacBook Pro, yours to keep upon graduation


As the third largest film production centre in North America, Vancouver has the added benefits of its proximity to Los Angeles, a favourable dollar and a well-trained workforce, which has led not only to a booming Film and TV business but also to a thriving Digital Entertainment and Interactive sector.  Vancouver has the largest cluster of the world’s top Visual FX and animation studios and one of the top Video Games cluster in the world, generating over 40,000 jobs in that sector in Vancouver alone. With the added benefits of being one of the world’s most “liveable” and beautiful cities, Vancouver offers a safe, welcoming and highly creative place to study and work.


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