Apply to the 3D Animation and Visual Effects Diploma Program

This form is for the 3D Animation and Visual Effects Diploma Program. If you wish to apply to a different program, please go back and select your desired program.


Portfolios are not required, however, submitting one will improve your chances of acceptance. Portfolios may include a video submission up to 2-minutes in length, and/or up to 10 photos or images. Portfolios do not have to be directly VFX related.

Portfolios are used to evaluate the applicant’s photographic, cinematographic, and/or design strength and their passion for visual media. No specific artistic or technical skills are required, however, any an applicant does possess is an asset.

You may submit a link to your portfolio in the form below. If you do not have an online portfolio, please contact us at to arrange an alternate way of submitting your work.

Students are required to pay an application fee. Fees can be paid by Credit Card or Paypal and will be processed before submitting the form.