Documentary Film Program

It’s time. Start making your own documentaries.Camera

– 9 Film Exercises
– 3 portfolio pieces
– Mentorship from award-winning filmmakers
– Networking events

Film Literacy

The first portion of the program explores the fundamentals of documentary filmmaking. Lectures are combined with production labs to give students an overview of how to write treatments, design production schedules, scout subjects, conduct interviews, collect B-roll, record quality sound, and edit using Adobe Premiere.

Exercise films will be assigned throughout the course to give students the opportunity to practice their newly-acquired skills.

Lecture Topics

  • Overview of various documentary genres
  • Camera Functions
  • Documentary Storytelling
  • Screen Grammar
  • Directing
  • Shooting with available light, 2 and 3-point lighting
  • After Effects
  • Introduction to Editing with Adobe Premiere
  • Shooting with DSLR Cameras

Project: Biographical Film

This popular project integrates fundamental production skills and creates lasting bonds between fellow students.