In the summer of 2011 In Focus Film School students Katrina Chowne and Suzanne Street interviewed Compassion Club of BC participants to discuss how the program has changed their lives.

What’s the first image that comes to mind when you think “marijuana advocate?” Chances are pretty good that it wasn’t a senior; the Compassion Club of BC is looking to change that image. Many seniors and people with debilitating, chronic pain see it as a viable alternative to pharmaceuticals that often have unpleasant side effects. Acquiring marijuana for pain relief can, however, be challenging for some. As Pearl, a North Vancouver resident at a senior’s home notes, she’d prefer not to buy pot from a teenager on the corner.

That’s where the Compassion Club comes in. Not only do they offer numerous different strains of high quality marijuana at a reasonable price, they also offer it in a variety of forms. If you don’t feel comfortable actually smoking pot, you can also consume it in pill form, or even baked goods. It’s all part of the organization’s efforts to de-stigmatize the plant, and highlight its benefits. And an improved quality of life for people living with chronic pain is certainly worth standing up for.